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  1. Men don't believe in a devil now as their fathers used to do,

    They reject one creed because it's old, for another because it's new.


    There's not a print from his cloven foot nor a fiery dart from his bow,

    To be found in the earth or the air today, at least they declare it so.


    But who is it that mixes that fatal draught that palsies heart and brain?

    Who loads the bier of each passing year with its hundred thousand slain?


    Who blights the bloom of the land today with the fiery breath of hell?

    If it isn't the devil who does that work, who does, won't somebody tell?


    Who dogs the steps of the toiling saint, who spreads the net for his feet?

    Who sows the tares in the world's broad field, where the Saviour sows his wheat?


    If the devil is voted not to be, is the verdict therefore true?

    Someone is surely doing the work the devil was thought to do.


    They may say the devil; has never lived, they may say the devil is gone,

    But simple people would like to know, who carries the business on.

    Vernon Charlesworth.

  2. It is increasingly apparent that the BBC are a far from reliable source of news. In spite of its boastfulness about world class reporting it has proven to be a major source of brainwashing. For example, it goes out of its way to support the European Union and to denigrate UKIP and Nigel Farage at every possible opportunity. Many of its presenters are Sodomites as well as many of the staff. The BBC is strongly pro-sodomy and lesbianism. It never misses a chance to promote evolution . Is there any where else to go for news?

    Every weekday at 1.00 pm the UK Column broadcasts online. The principal presenters are Brian Gerrish, a retired naval Commander and Mike Robinson who appears to have a background in finance. There are frequent guests on the show presenting fair and credible political, economic and social facts and opinions.

    Those visiting the broadcast for the first time might think it caters too much to conspiracy theorists, but they will invariably present a far more credible comment on world affairs than main stream media, especially the BBC.

    The Uk Column makes no credible profession of Christianity, though they will often feature evangelical Christians, depending on the nature of the news item, such as, for example, SRA - Satanic Ritual abuse. 

    Their handling of the war in Syria is a 180 degree about face from the BBC featuring people who are reporting from Syria, instead of copy and paste journalists. The real news is far worse than you may suppose, with Britain being seriously culpable for the terrorism in Syria.

    From the UK Column you will get also, for example, a strong and credible case that Theresa May has no intention of taking Britain out of the EU. You will learn that there is serious paedophilia among our MPs and in the Scottish Establishment too. I recommend this broadcast to anyone who wants the straight scoop on what is really happening in the world.

    Be warned - it can be depressing. "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow." Ecclesiastes 1:18. He's a fool that's not melancholy once a day!