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Is the World's Oldest Bible a Fake? £12.50 David W. Daniels, 2017, 352 pp., paperback.


Modern research techniques are beginning to pull back the curtains on a shadowy scheme worthy of Satan's hatred for the preserved words of God. Evidence is emerging of previously undetected fakery when scholars examined the Alexandrian documents. (10/18)


Bible Chronology. The Two Great Divides. £12.95  J. A. Moorman. Bible for Today, 2010, 247 pp., paperback.


"A defense of the unbroken biblical chronology from Adam to Christ." Dr. Moorman examines the seeming disparity between biblical references to the time of the Exodus and the dedication of Solomon's temple. Also examined is the effect of secular history on the timing of Daniel's seventy week prophecy. Dr. Moorman compares the chronologies of James Usher, Floyd Jones, Edwin Thiele, Edward Denny, the Sedar Olam Rabbah, Ethelbert Bullinger and Martin Anstey. This is a scholarly work trusting wholly in the KJV. It wiil require close and careful attention throughout which will be amply rewarded. OUT OF STOCK


 Daniel - The Times of the Gentiles and the Times of Jerusalem. £23.50
J. A. Moorman, Old Paths Publications, 2017, 346 pp. paperback.



"Premillenial, Dispensational, King James Version. A Commentary and Survey Series: Based on Sound and Influential Bible Institute Material from a Past Generation." Personally, this is far and away the best commentary on Daniel I have ever read. It is packed with information, always faithful to the KJV, and frequently correcting even mainstream premillenial teachings. (C.T) (07/18) SOLD OUT

Revelation- God's Final Word. £22.50
J. A. Moorman, Old Paths Publications, 2018, 391 pp. paperback.


"Here's the book that concludes and expands the book  of Daniel. Premillenial, Dispensational, King James Version. A Commentary and Survey Series: Based on Sound and Influential Bible Institute Material from a Past Generation." This is next on my personal reading list. I expect the same faithful and high standard I have found in all Dr. Moorman's works. (C.T.) (07/18) SOLD OUT


One Book Rightly Divided (Prophetic Edition) £27.50
Douglas Stauffer & Andrew Ray, McCowen Mills Publishers, 2018, 844 pp., hardback.


A rewriting with much added material of a book of the same title originally by Doug Stauffer. Bro. Doug has a clear grasp of dispensational truth and teaches it very ably. This will clear up hundreds of questions for those who will take the time to read it. The first edition was in a class on its own. I am sure that this new edition will be to the same high standard. Doug Stauffer is an itinerant Bible teacher and Andrew Ray is pastor in Doug's home church in Knoxville, Tennessee. (11/18)


When the End Begins £9.00 (Special price while current stock lasts.) Andrew Ray & Douglas Stauffer, LTB Publications, 2017, 224 pp., paperback.


Subtitled, Refuting a Rapture in Matthew 24-25. Andrew Ray and Doug Stauffer again tackle the most hotly debated subjects 'head on' in this thorough scholarly exploration of Matthew chapters 24 and 25. (11/18)


Rome. The Great Private Interpreter. £8.50.  P. S. Ruckman, BB Bookstore, 1969, 105 pp., paperback.       

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"This book gives eight cases where the private interpretations of the Roman Church are so apparent that not even a Pope could miss seeing it, unless he desired to do so in order to maintain the power and authority of his political state: THE VATICAN."


My Life and the Story of the Gospel Hymns and of Sacred Songs and Solos. £10.50  Ira D Sankey, Forgotten Books, 2012 (Originally 1907), 410 pp., paperback.                      

"If ever a man was raised and endowed for a special work by our Divine Master, that man is Ira D Sankey...he introduced a peculiar style of popular hymns which are calculated to awaken the careless, to melt the hardened and to guide enquiring souls to the Lord Jesus Christ."


A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament (Vol.1), £15.00
F.H.A. Scrivener, 2015 (orig. 1894), Forgotten Books, 418 pp., paperback. (Cover not as shown.)



Scrivener was a Prebendary and Vicar of Hendon in the Anglican Church. He was a contemporary of J. W. Burgon and considered by Burgon as possible the finest textual scholar of the time. He was on the Revised Version translation committee and withstood F. J. A. Hort tooth and nail at every turn. Westcott and Hort however were playing with a marked deck and Scrivener was constantly outvoted. Scrivener, like Burgon, was more a TR man than a KJV man but this is still a fascinating work for any who would learn more about manuscript evidence and 19th century principles of textual study.


A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament (Vol. 2), £15.00
F.H.A. Scrivener, 2015 (orig. 1894), Forgotten Books, 428 pp., paperback.


See notes above on volume 1. 


The Authorized Version of the English Bible (1611)
Its Subsequent Reprints and Modern Representatives. £14.50
F.H.A. Scrivener, 2010 (orig. 1910), CUP, 312 pp., paperback.

   The Authorized Version of the English Bible (1611)


"This volume is his critical examination of the King James Bible which chronicles the history of the Bible's various editions...  A detailed discussion of the use of grammar and punctuation is included, as well as appendices listing all variations and amendments occurring between the different editions." OUT OF STOCK


The Apocalypse. An Exposition of the Book of Revelation. £13.00
Joseph A. Seiss, Kregel, 1870-84, 536 pp., paperback.

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 "Joseph Seiss (1823-1904) was one of the most popular and powerful Lutheran preachers of the nineteenth century." A valuable work for any premillenial student of the word of God. Seiss always takes literally were possible. This is a very reverent, sober and stirring study of the Revelation, which clears many difficulties. There are one or two weird departures from sound exposition but, nevertheless, a very helpful work on the whole.


Arguments Against. The Early Religious Pamphlets of B. H. Shadduck. £13.00  GB Graphics, 2010, 286 pp., paperback.


These republished articles by Shadduck are arguments against evolutionary theory. Thought provoking and often very amusing, the first in the book is Jocko-Homo, the Heaven-bound King of the Zoo. Seven of Dr. Shadduck's arguments are here. Typical Shadduck is to refer to the 'early man' of the evolutionists as 'Evolvo-Spoof-Us.' Some of the quips of Dr. Ruckman originate here. 

Forgotten Prayer Meeting Addresses. £10.50  C. H. Spurgeon, DayOne, 2011, 291 pp., hardback with D.J.

        Charles Simeon          

These are not messages about Christians neglecting the prayer meeting (which might require a much larger book),but addresses given by CHS at prayer meetings which slipped by the publishers, so to speak. They are comparatively short addresses. This book is perhaps an ideal gift for believers who are not great readers because it can be read in small portions.


Sermons Beyond Volume 63. £10.50
C. H. Spurgeon, DayOne, 2009, 640 pp., hardback with D.J.

            C H Spurgeon's sermons beyond Volume 63       


This volume brings to light the sermons which probably would have appeared in the remainder of Volume 63 and at the start of Volume 64 of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, sermons which only originally appeared in magazine format from 1887 to 1881.


The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings £10.00  E. R. Thiele, Kregel, 253 pp., paperback.

        Front Cover   

"Dr. E. R. Thiele... has solved the problems related to the chronology of the Hebrew kings. By carefully studying the Biblical data, he determined the dating methods of the early Hebrew scribes. Dr. Thiele has succeeded in producing a chronology that is consistent with the scriptural records and the records of other nations of the ancient world." [Some errors through following the Canons of Ptolemy. CT]This book should be read together with Bible Chronology by J. A. Moorman.


Worship. The Missing Jewel of the Evangelical Church. £3.00 A.W.Tozer, 30 pp., paperback.


 Three messages preached by Dr. Tozer in 1961, titled here, Worship: the Missing Jewel of the Evangelical Church, Acceptable Worship and Worship: the normal Employment of Moral Beings. Tozer wrote somewhere, "It is almost impossible to find a church anywhere these days where the only attraction is God." 


The Secret History of the Oxford Movement £10.00  Walter Walsh, Nabu Public Domain, 1899, 424 pp., paperback.


A classic work detailing the subversion of the Anglican Curch by Papists in the 19th century in England. For those Christians who are yet awake and understand the heretical nature of Romanism, this an invaluable history. Large format. This is a one off bargain.


Hallowed Be Thy Names £2.50, David Wilkerson, Rickfords Hill, 2001, 241 pp., paperback.

  Hallowed by Thy Names by David Wilkerson

"My purpose in writing this book has been to obtain a heart knowledge of God's names. I wanted to have a revelation of His names on a personal level - to appropriate their fullest meaning not for mere theological knowledge, but for my daily walk with him."


The Complete Bible Commentary. £17.50
George Williams, Kregel, 1058 pp., paper.


Two of the godliest men I have ever met in my forty years as a believer, both recommended George Williams' Commentary to me. A relative of his told me that sometimes preaching in the street, he would get stoned until the blood was running in his shoes. This truly is a gem of a Commentary. Being a late 19th century preacher, he fell for the R.V. as did most of his contemporaries. References to the R.V. are the only major down-side to this work. CT. SOLD OUT