Used Books

Guide to condition. 

M = Mint. As new, F = Fine. Very slightly less than mint, VG = Very Good. Evidently used but still a nice copy. G = Good. some deterioration. eg. Foxing, bumped corners, damaged dust jacket, pencil or ink notes etc. P = Poor. Reading copy only. I do not stock these unless they are rare or of particularly helpful content.

Immediately following the book title the condition code will be shown bracketed thus - (m). Books with dust jackets will also show (d.j), slip cases (s.c) and gilt edges (g.e)

The title is followed by H for hardback, P for paperback, L for Leather, I.L for imitation leather, then number of pages and price.

All books in this list are shown alphabetically by author's surname. A few are secular. Call or email if unsure.

Author Book Title H/P  Pages Price
  Holy Bible A.V. Bonded I.L. (f) H   £5.00
Adair. J M.R.Dehaan-The Man & His Ministry (vg) H 160 £3.75
Ainslie. E The Dawn of the Scarlet Age (vg) H 150 £2.00
Anderson. Sir R. A Plea for the Faith (p) H 197 £3.00
Anderson. Sir R. Assembly Writers' Library (vg) H 521 £3.00
Anderson. Sir R. The Coming Prince (vg) P 320 £6.00
Anderson. Sir R. The Silence of God (m) P 218 £5.00
Anstey Martin  How to Master the Bible (g) H 204 £1.00
Aranza Jacob More Rock Country & Backward Masking Unmasked P 130 £1.00
Bainton. Roland The Reformation of the 16th Century P 276 £4.00
Bainton. Roland Here I Stand. (Martin Luther biography) (f) P 412 £3.00
Baker. Sir Richard Mediations and Disquisitions on Certain Psalms (f) H 432 £15.00
Barnes Stanley (Ed.) Sermons on Isaiah 53 (f) P 149 3.50
Baxter J. Sidlow The Strategic Grasp of the Bible (vg, some foxing) (dj H 405 £4.00
Behe. Michael Darwin's Black Box (f) (d.j.) H 307 £9.00
Berry G R Interlinear New Testament Gk/Eng (vg) H   £5.00
Bible League Truth Unchanged, Unchanging (f) (d.j.) H 503 £6.00
Blanchard John Does God Believe in Atheists? (f) (dj) H 655 £6.50
Bloomsbury Dictionary of Quotations (vg) (d.j.) H 586 £5.00
Boettner Loraine Roman Catholicism (vg) (d.j.) H 466 £7.00
Bonar Horatius Words Old and New (Selected Quotes) (m) H 386 £5.00
Bonar Marjory Heavenly Springs (Readings for Sundays) (m) P 211 £3.00
Boreham F W Life Verses (Vol.5) (f) P 272 10.00
Boreland. S A Some Golden Daybreak (f) P 110 £3.00
Boston, Thomas The Memoirs of Thomas Boston (f) (Rare) H 506 £25.00
Bounds. E M The Best of E M Bounds (vg) P 231 £2.00
Bounds. E.M. Praying that Receives Answers (f) P 140 £2.00
Bowden. Malcolm Ape-Men, Fact or Fallacy? (vg) P 259 £3.00
Boyd. G & E Letters from a Skeptic (f) H 190 £5.00
Brake Donald L A Visual History of the English Bible (f) (dj) H 350 £6.50
Breese. Dave 7 Men Who Rule the World from the Grave (f) P 235 £8.00
Bridges Charles Ecclesiastes (vg) H 319 £4.50
Bullinger. E W How to Enjoy the Bible (g) H 436 £5.00
Bullinger. E W The Foundations of Dispensational Truth (vg) (dj) H 287 £3.00
Brooks Phillips Sermons in English Churches (g) H 311 £3.00
Bull Geoffrey Treasure in My Sack (vg) P 199 £1.50
Bullinger. E W The Giver and His Gifts (g) H 223 £2.00
Bullinger. E W How to Enjoy the Bible (g) H 436 £7.50
Bunyan. John The Pilgrim's Progress (f) P 400 £1.50
Bunyan. John The Holy War (f) P 286 £3.50
Bunyan. John The Riches of John Bunyan (Seven Sermons) (f) P 310 £2.50
Burgon. J W Inspiration and Interpretation (f) H 507 £12.00
Burgon. J W The Last Twelve Verses of Mark (vg) H 334 £6.75
Burgon. J W The Lives of Twelve Good Men (2 Vols) (g) H 927 £10.00 both.
Cameron Paul Exposing the Aids Scandal (f) P 160 £3.00
Carroll. J M The Trail of Blood (f) P 53 £1.25
Chandler Russell Understanding the New Age (vg) P 360 £3.00
Chappell. Paul The Right Path (f) (d.j.) H 187 £5.00
Chiniquy C Fifty Years in the Church of Rome (vg) (dj) H 472 £4.00
Chiniquy C The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional (vg) P 144 £2.00
Cloud. David (Ed.) Evangelicals and Rome (vg) P 352 £5.00
Cloud. David (Ed.) The Way of Life Encyclopaedia (vg) H 630 £10.00
Coates. C A An Outline of the Book of Deuteronomy (g) H 392 £2.00
Coates. C A An Outline of the Book of Numbers (g) H 410 £2.50
Coats Daryl R. NKJV Nonsense (f) P 36 £1.50
Comfort. Ray How to Win Souls and Influence People (vg) P 319 £4.00
Corrie. Geo. (Ed.) Sermons by Hugh Latimer (f) P 551 £6.50
Cramp. J M Baptist History (vg) P 462 £5.00
CUP (Pub.) The Parallel New Testament 1611 & 1881 (g) H 550 £10.00
Daily Telegraph The Four Gospels (AV Text) (m) H 224 £1.00
Daniel Joshua John Wesley (f) P 178 £2.50
Daniell David William Tyndale. A Biography (vg) (d.j.) H 429 £8.00
Dehaan. M R Broken Things (vg) H 152 £5.00
Dehaan. M R Studies in 1st Corinthians (vg) H 192 £7.50 (3 in stock)
Dehaan. M R Studies in Hebrews (vg) H 212 £4.50
Dehaan. M R Coming Events in Prophecy (vg) (d.j.) H 151 £4.00
Dehaan. M R Daniel the Prophet (vg) P 339 £3.50
Dehaan. M R Daniel the Prophet (vg) (d.j.) H 339 £5.00
Dehaan. M R Galatians 22 Studies (vg) H 184 £5.00
Dehaan. M R Galatians 22 Studies (g) H 184 £4.50
Dehaan. M R Genesis and Evolution (g) H 152 £3.00
Dehaan. M R Pentecost and After (vg) H 184  £5.00 (2 in stock)
Dehaan. M R Signs of the Times (vg) (d.j.) H 182 £4.00
Dehaan. M R Simon Peter (vg) H 185 £4.00
Dehaan. M R The Chemistry of the Blood (g) (dj) H 151 £4.00
Dehaan. M R The Days of Noah (vg) (d.j.) H 184 £4.00
Dehaan. M R The Days of Noah (vg) H 184 £4.50
Dehaan. M R The Romance of Redemption (vg) H 183 £4.50
Dehaan. M R The Tabernacle (g) H 185 £3.50 (3 in stock)
de Semlyen. M All Roads Lead to Rome? (vg) P 224 £2.50
Dennett Edward The Three Marys (g) P 128 £1.00
Durbanville. Henry Winsome Christianity (g) P 157 £1.50
Edwards. Brian God's Outlaw (Tyndale) (g) P 180 £1.00
Edwards. Brian Shall We Dance? (f) P 153 £2.00
Eldredge John Wild at Heart (m) P 240 £3.00
Evans Herb Dear Dr. John. Where is My Bible? (f) P 17 £1.00
F & W Desk Dictionary - Funk & Wagnall (Vols 1 & 2) (vg) H 878 £10.00
Fleming John The Fallen Angels and the Heroes of Mythology (vg) P 216 £9.00
Fountain. David John Wycliffe. The Dawn of the Reformation (vg) P 132 £2.50
Foxe. John Foxe's Book of Martyrs (m) P 413 £4.95
Franklin Alan EU Final World Empire  P 224 £3.00 (2 in stock)
Franklin Alan & Pat Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain (vg) P 224 £2.00
Fromke D No Other Foundation (f) P 190 £10.00
Fuller. D O Counterfeit or Genuine - Mark 16? John 8? (f) P 230 £4.50
Fuller. D O Which Bible? (vg) P 350 £3.00
Fuller Thomas Fuller's Worthies (vg) (s.c.) H 441 £10.00
Gipp Sam The Answer Book (f) P 164 £5.00
Grady. William P Final Authority (vg) (d.j.) H 392 £8.50
Grant F W The Witness of Arithmetic to Christ (vg) P 60 £1.50
Green & Hazard No Compromise (vg) P 344 £2.00
Griffith-Thomas W H Hebrews (vg) P 186 £3.00
Griffith-Thomas W H Through the Pentateuch (vg) P 191 £4.00
Gummer S (Ed) Bible Themes from Matthew Henry  P 384 £4.50
Hall & Naismith The Christian's Heritage (vg) P 140 £1.50
Harrowar David A Defence of the Trinitarian System (f) (Landscape) P 147 £7.50
Hastilow Nigel The Last of England (m) P 255 £3.00
Heaton Paul Are Babies Humans? (f) P 42 £1.75
Heaton Paul Are the Words in the King James Bible Archaic?  P 55 £2.50
Heaton Paul Is Noah the Missing Link? (f) P 33 £1.50
Heaton Paul Preacher! What's Wrong with Those Words? (f) P 35 £2.00
Heaton Paul Saint Who? (m) P 13 £1.00
Heaton Paul Unicorns and Dragons (f) P 54 £2.00
Henry. Matthew Commentary on Job - Song of Solomon (m) P 906 £5.00
Henry. Matthew Commentary on the Whole Bible (vg) H 1986 £7.50
Henshall I/Morgan R 9/11 Revealed (f) P 253 £3.00
Hill. E F The King James Version Defended (vg) P 271 £4.00 (2 in stock)
Hill. E F The King James Version Defended (vg) P 271 £7.00
Hills. E F The King James Version Defended (vg) P 271 £5.00
Hitchens. P The Abolition of Britain (vg) P 369 £7.50 (2 in stock)
Holmes. R L Lifelines (vg) H 167 £3.50
Hoste W Remove Not the Ancient Landmark (vg) P 31 £1.00
Hoste W The Writings of William Hoste (Vol 1) (f) H 202 £3.00
Huse. Scott The Collapse of Evolution (vg) P 172 £3.00
Hunt. Dave A Cup of Trembling (vg) P 458 £4.00
Hunt. Dave An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith (f) P 272 £4.00
Hunt. Dave Judgement Day (f) H 456 £5.00
Hurnard Hannah Hinds Feet on High Places (g) P 254 £1.00
Jenkins. Lyndsay Disappearing Britain (f) P 150 £5.00
Johnson. Mac Conspiracy or Ignorance (g) P 205 £2.00
Jones. Bob Sr. Do Right! H 217 £4.50
Jones. William The History of the Christian Church (2 Vols. vg) P 712 £9.00 both
Jukes. Andrew The Characteristic Differences of the Gospels (g) H 163 £3.00
Jukes. Andrew The Law of the Offerings (vg) (d.j.) H 211 £4.50
Jukes. Andrew The Names of God (f) P 234 £4.00
Jukes. Andrew Types in Genesis (m) P 421 £4.50
Kah Gary En Route to Global Occupation  P 224 £5.00 (2 in stock)
Keller. Phillip W A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 (vg) P 142 £1.50
Keller. Phillip W Pleasures For Evermore (g) P 161 £1.00
Keller. Phillip W The Shepherd Trilogy (f) P 411 £3.50
Knox W H Deuteronomy (vg) H 506 £1.00
Koch Kurt The Devil's Alphabet (vg) P 158 £1.00
Larkin Clarence The second Coming of Christ (f) P 71 £2.25
Lloyd-Jones. D M Romans 3:20-4:25 (vg) H 250 £5.50 (2 in stock)
Lloyd-Jones. D M Romans ch.5 (f) H 370 £7.50
Lloyd-Jones. D M Romans ch.6 (vg) H 313  £6.00
Lloyd-Jones. D M Romans 7:1-8:4 (vg) H 359 £7.50
Lloyd-Jones. D M Romans 8:5-17 (vg) H 438 £8.00
Lloyd-Jones. D M Romans 8:17-39 (vg) H 457 £8.00
Lloyd-Jones. D M The Christian Soldier (Eph. 6:10-20) (vg) (d.j) H 363 £5.50
Lloyd-Jones D M The Puritans. Their Origins and Successors (m) (d.j) H 421 £10.00
Lockyer. Herbert Last Words of Saints and Sinners (f) P 240 £4.50
Long Duncan Protect Your Privacy  (f) P 277 £3.00
Luther Martin Romans (Commentary) (m) P 223 £4.50
Mackintosh C H Miscellaneous Writings (vg) H 354 £1.00
Mackintosh C H Notes on Deuteronomy (g) H 416 £2.00
Mackintosh C H Notes on Deuteronomy (g) H 459 £1.50
Mackintosh C H Notes on Exodus (g) H 344 £0.50
Mackintosh C H Notes on Genesis (g) H 304 £2.00
Mackintosh C H Notes on Leviticus (g) H 346 £2.00
Mackintosh C H Notes on Numbers (g) H 434 £2.00
Mackintosh C H Notes on Numbers (p) H 485 £1.50
Mackintosh C H Short Papers on Scripture (Vol 2) (f) H 303 £3.00
Maclean W Providential Preservation of the Greek N.T. (f) P 44 £1.00
Marsh. F E Emblems of the Holy Spirit (vg) P 257 £5.00 (2 in stock)
Marsh. F E Fully Furnished (vg) (dj) H 390 £3.50
Marsh. F E  Why Did Christ Die? (g) 199  £4.00 
Martin. Hugh Jonah (f) H 359 £5.50
Martin. Robert Accutacy of Translation and the NIV (vg) P 89 £3.00
McClure. Alexander Translators Revived (vg) P 250 £4.50
McDowell. Josh Daniel in the Critic's Den (vg) (dj) H 148 £3.00
McDowell. Josh Daniel in the Critic's Den (vg) (dj) H 148 £4.00
McDowell. Josh Evidence That Demands a Verdict (Vol.1) (vg) P 391 £4.50
McCrie. Thomas The Life of John Knox (g) P 294 £1.00
McGrath Alister In the Beginning (f) 340  £4.00 
McGuire P Who Will Rule the Future? P 204 £3.00
McMillan S The Beauties of Boston [Thomas] (vg) H 616 £6.00
Melton James Don't Mess with Israel! (f) P 43 £1.50
Moody. D L How to Study the Bible (g) P 31 £0.50
Moorman. Jack 8,000 Differences (f) H 525 £12.00
Moorman. Jack Early Church Fathers and the AV (f) P 64 £5.50
Morison. Frank Who Moved the Stone? (g) H 192 £2.00
Morison. Frank Who Moved the Stone? (g) P 192 £1.00
Morris. H & J The Modern Creation Trilogy (3 Vols) (f) boxed P 774 £10.00
Moxley. John The Tabernacle in the Wilderness (g) Signed P 218 £3.00
Moynahan Brian Wm. Tyndale. If God Spare My Life (f} P 422 £4.50
Muller George The Autobiography of George Muller. (vg) P 237 £2.50
Murray Andrew With Christ in the School of Prayer (f) P 218 £3.00
Naismith Archibald 1200 Scripture Outlines for Preaching & Teaching (vg P 234 £4.00
Nee Watchman What Shall This Man Do? (g) P 189 £1.00
North. Gary Conspiracy. A Biblical View (vg) P 168 £3.00 (2 in stock)
Oborne. Peter The Rise of Political Lying (m) P 317 £4.00
O'Reilly Alan Biblical Bulwarks (vg) P 55 £1.50 (2 in stock)
O'Reilly Alan Britain Under Siege (f) P 78 £1.50
Owen. John The Death of Death (vg) P 312 £4.50
Paisley Ian R K An Exposition of Romans (g) P 191 £2.50
Paisley Ian R K  The AntiChrist Bible (Revised English) (f)                   P 111 £1.00
Paris Edmund The Vatican Against Europe (vg) (Rare) P 311 £25.00
Payne F C The Seal of God (g) (Rare) P 142 £25.00
Pentecost J Dwight Things to Come (f) (dj) H 633 £15.00
Phillips. John Exploring Here & There (Vol 1) (f) H 164 £4.50 
Phillips. John Exploring Here & There (Vol 2) (f) H 173 £5.00
Phillips. John Exploring the Scriptures (vg) (d.j.) H 288 £9.00 (2 in stock)
Phillips. John Exploring the Scriptures (vg) P 295 £5.00
Phillips Melanie Londonistan (f) (dj) H 304 £7.50
Picirilli. R E Paul the Apostle (f) P 247 £5.00
Pickering. W N The Identity of the New Testament Text (vg) (d.j.) H 191 £10.00
Pickering W.N. The Identity of the New Testament Text (vg) (d.j.) H 191 £8.00
Pickering. W N The Identity of the New Testament Text (g) (d.j.) H 191 £7.00
Pink A W Elijah (vg) P 313 £2.50
Pride Mary The Way Home  - Beyond Feminism (vg) P 235 £4.50
PTS Historical Tales for Young Protestants (vg) H 228 £1.50
Pyle Hugh The Truth About Rock Music (g) P 58 £1.25
Ramsey Robin Conspiracy Theories (f) P 96 £1.00
Ravenhill Leonard Why Revival Tarries (f) P 168 £3.50
Ravenhill Leonard Why Revival Tarries (f) P 168 £4.00
Rehwinkel Alfred M The Flood (g) P 372 £10.00
Rice. John R Evolution or the Bible? Which? (g) P 36 £0.50
Rice. John R (ed.) The Sword Book of Treasures (vg) H 352 £5.00
Richmond Leigh The Dairyman's Daughter (g) P 181 £1.00
Ridley. Nicholas The Works of Nicholas Ridley (vg) P 485 £4.50
Riplinger. Gail New Age Bible Versions (g) P 690 £3.50
Riplinger. Gail Which Bible is God's Word? (vg) P 118 £3.00
Riplinger. Gail Which Bible is God's Word? (f) P 118 £4.00
Ritchie. John Egypt to Canaan (f) P 116 £2.50 (2 in stock)
Roberson. Lee For Preachers Only (vg) (dj) H 237 £4.00
Robinson Haddon Biblical Preaching (vg) H 230 £5.00
Roush H L Sr. Prayer and the Bible (m) P 21 £1.00
Ruckman. P S A Survey of the Authorised Version (g) P 26 £1.00
Ruckman. P S The "Errors" in the King James Bible (vg) P 511 £7.50
Ruckman. P S The Simplicity of Salvation (m) P 25 £1.00
Ruffin Bernard Fanny Crosby (f) P 205 £2.00
Ryle. J C Charges and Addresses (f) H 384 £4.50 (2 in stock)
Ryle. J C Christian Leaders of the 18th Century (g) H 432 £3.50
Ryle. J C Expository Thoughts on John (Vol. 1) (f) P 425 £2.00
Ryrie. C C Biblical Theology of the New Testament (g) (dj) H 384 £3.50
Saphir. Adolph Christ in the Scriptures (g) H 188 £2.50
Sauer Erich From Eternity to Eternity (vg) P 207 £2.00
Sauer Erich The Dawn of World Redemption (vg) P 206 £2.00
Sauer Erich The Triumph of the Crucified (vg) P 207 £2.00
Schaeffer Francis Whatever Happened to the Human Race? (vg) (dj) H 210 £5.00 (2 in stock)
Schaeffer Francis How Should We Then Live? H 288 £8.00
Schaff. P The History of the Christian Church (Vol.1) (vg) H 871 £6.50
Scofield C I Prophecy Made Plain (g) H 174  £4.00 (2 in stock)
Simpson. A B  Christ in the Tabernacle (g)  P 98  £2.00 
Simpson. A B Seeing the Invisible (f) P 240 £4.00
Simpson. A B The Best of A B Simpson (f) P 166 £4.00
Slemming C W Made According to Pattern (g) H 159 £3.00
Slemming C W Thus Shalt Thou Serve (f) P 143 £2.00
Smith. Barry R Postscript (vg) P 78 £9.00
Smith. Barry R Postscript (p) P 78 £5.00
Smith. Barry R Warning (g) P 171 £5.00
Soltau. H The Tabernacle, Priesthood and Offerings (f) H 474 £7.50
Sowton Stanley  John Wesley (Biography) (g) (d.j.) H 94 £1.50
Spence. O T Foundation Bible Commentary - Pentateuch (vg) H 657 £6.00
Spurgeon. C H 12 Sermons on Faith (vg) P 148 £2.50
Spurgeon. C H 12 Sermons on Repentance (vg) P 131 £2.50
Spurgeon. C H Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith (m) H 372 £4.50
Spurgeon. C.H. Come Ye Children (f) P 160 £1.50
Spurgeon. C.H. Lectures to my Students (3 Vols.) (p) H 592 £7.50
Spurgeon. C.H. Power in the Blood (vg) P 190 £2.00
Spurgeon. C H The Unknown God (m) P 433 £7.50
Stanley. C E Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit (m) H 99 £3.00
Stanton. Don E Mystery 666 (g) P 168 £2.50
Strauss. Lehman Certainties for Today (vg) H 182 £6.50
Strauss. Lehman James Your Brother (vg) (dj) (Signed) H 243 £6.50
Strauss. Lehman Prophetic Mysteries Revealed (vg) H 255 £8.50
Strauss. Lehman The First Person (vg) (dj) H 256 £9.00
Strauss. Lehman The Epistles of John (vg) H 188 £12.00
Strauss. Lehman The Second Person (g) (dj) H 182 £8.00
Strauss. Lehman The Third Person (vg) (dj) H 190 £9.00
Sugden/Wiersbe Answers to Pastors' FAQs (vg) P 193 £3.50
Sutton. Anthony America's Secret Establishment (Skull & Bones) (f) P 317 £12.00
Sydney Phillip A History of the Gunpowder Plot (f) P 192 £4.00 (3 in stock)
Thiele E R A Chronology of the Hebrew Kings (vg) P 93 £3.00
Thomas I. D. E.(ed.) A Puritan Golden Treasury (f) P 321 £2.00
Thomas. Major Ian The Mystery of Godliness (g) H 127 £2.50
Thomas. Major Ian The Saving Life of Christ (vg) H 127 £1.50
Thomas. Major Ian The Saving Life of Christ (vg) H 124 £2.00
Thornton/Washburn  Greatest Sermons of the Last 2000 Years (vg) (dj)  815  £5.00 (2 in stock)
Torrey. R A The Fundamentals  (f)  714  £10.00 
Torrey. R A  The Fundamentals (4 Vols) (g)   £10.00 all 
Tozer A W Gems from Tozer (g) P 78 £0.75 (3 in stock)
Tozer A W I Call it Heresy (f) P   £3.75
Tozer A W I Talk Back to the Devil (g) P 142 £1.00
Tozer A W Success and the Christian (m) P 146 £4.50
Tozer A W The Price of Neglect (m) P 154 £3.75
Tozer A W The Pursuit of God (vg)  128  £3.50 (2 in stock)
Tozer A W The Size of the Soul (m)  196  £4.00
Tozer A W The Tozer Pulpit (Vol 3) (vg) 167  £4.50 
Tozer A W Tozer on the Almighty God (Daily readings) (f)  368  £4.00 
Tozer A W Tozer on the Holy Spirit (Daily readings) (f)  368  £3.50 
Tozer A W Who Put Jesus on the Cross? (vg) 174  £1.50
Tozer A W Worship. The Missing Jewel (vg) 30  £0.50 (2 in stock)
Tozer A W (Ed) The Christian Book of Mystical Verse (f)  152  £5.00 
Turnbull Ralph (Ed.) The Best of Dwight L.Moody (f) P 249 £2.50
Tyler Colin The Plagues of Egypt (f) P 135 £4.00
Tyler Colin The New New N.I.V. 2011(f) P 20 £0.75
Tyler Colin Seven Whoppers in the New King James Bible (f) P 20 £0.75
Tyndale William Select Works (vg)  356  £3.50 
Tyndale William The Newe Testament (f) P 330 £6.00
Venning Ralph The Plague of Plagues (vg) P 288 £2.50
Verwer George Literature Evangelism Manual (g) P 93 £1.00
Verwer George No Turning Back (g) P 127 £1.00
Verwer George Pseudo-discipleship (vg) P 27 £1.00
Verwer George The Revolution of Love (f) P 128 £1.00 (2 in stock)
Vine W  E Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words (g) P 1370 £3.00
Waite D A Jr. 4114 Definitions from the Defined KJV (f) P 84 £3.00
Waite D A Jr. The Case for the KJV (vg) H 98 £2.00
Waller C H A Handbook to the Epistles of Paul (g) H 256 £5.00
Waller C H Authotitative Inspiration (g) H 243 £7.50
Waller C H  Moses and the Prophets (g)  278  £6.50 
Walsh Walter  The Secret History of the Oxford Movement (g)  424  £7.00 
Watson Thomas A Body of Divinity (vg) H 200 £4.00
Wenham J W A Key to the Elements of N. T. Greek (g) (Answers) P 47 £7.50
Wenham J W The Elements of New Testament Greek (f) P 268 £7.50
Wenham J W The Elements of New Testament Greek (vg) H 268 £7.50 (2 in stock)
Whitcomb & Morris The Genesis Flood (vg) P 518 £4.50
White James R The King james Only Controversy (f) P 286 £6.00
Whitefield George Select Semons of George Whitefield (vg) P 199 £2.50
Wiersbe Warren Thoughts for Men on the Move P 157 £2.00
Wilder-Smith A E The Causes and Cure of the Drug Epidemic (vg) P 166 £3.00
Williams E S Lessons in Depravity (vg) P 328  £5.00
Wilmington H L Wilmington's Book of Bible Lists (vg) P 362 £3.50
Wilson Robert Dick Studies in Daniel (2 Vols. in one) (vg) P 688 £7.50
Woolsey Andrew  Duncan Campbell (g) P 191 £1.00