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 The Coming Prince £8.75  Sir Robert Anderson, Trumpet Press, 225 pp., paperback. (Cover not as shown).

The coming prince

A premillenial classic. Deservedly a standard work on biblical prophecy. A real source of help for understanding Daniel's Seventy Weeks.


The Supreme Irony £2.00 Paul Bailey, 1996, 26 pp., paperback.

  Supreme irony

Some Amillenialists like to say that the premillenial prophetic view was a Jesuitical invention to deceive the Church.  Mr. Bailey ably argues that the reverse is actually the case. It is Amillenialism which has Romanist roots. Pathetic, irrational and ad hominem attempts at rebuttal of this book have appeared on the Internet.


Daniel The Prophet £10.50 M.R. Dehaan MD, 1947, 339 pp., paperback.


"...presents the major themes of Daniel's personal history and prophetic visions from a dispensational perspective, ... thirty five studies, practical in application and accessible to Christian readers of all levels."


That Blessed Hope £11.00  James W. Knox and Others, 2016, 286 pp., paperback.

                       Blessed hope

"The hope of the New Testament Church is not to reform the earth, establish a kingdom or to endure the time of Jacob's trouble - it isto meet the Lord in the air. This book covers all pints relative to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for those who have put their faith in Him and refutes every argument raised against the catching up of His redeemed prior to the seventieth week of Daniel's prophecy." 


The Book of Daniel. £12.00 Clarence Larkin, 1929, hardback with d.j., 267 pp.

Dan Larkin

An exposition of the book of Daniel with charts. Dispensational and premillienial.


The Book of Revelation. £14.00, Clarence Larkin, 1919, hardback with d.j., 210 pp. 

Rev Larkin

"The writer's aim has been to prepare a standard work... from the Futuristic standpoint, that can be used as a textbook in theological seminaries and Bible schools..." A helpful work again from brother Clarence, only marred by a printed picture of 'Jesus' in the front.


The Second Coming of Christ. £4.25, Clarence Larkin, 1922, 71 pp., paperback.

  2nd coming Larkin

"This booklet was written for those who desire a little treatise on the Second Coming to circulate among their friends and to give to those who know nothing of the doctrine, or who desire to know more."


Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks £5.50 Alva J. McClain, 73 pp., paperback.

   70 weeks

"The very brief but famous prohecy of the Seventy Weeks, recorded in Daniel 9:24-27, has always been a focus of interest to interpreters of the word, regardless of their theological bias... Probably no single prophetic utterance is more crucial in the fields of Biblical interpretation, apologetics and eschatology.


Things to Come. A Study in Biblical Eschatology.  £22.50 J. Dwight Pentecost, 1958, 633 pp., hardback.

    Things to come

"In this massive, highly succesful book, Dr. Peentecost has synthesised the whole field of prphecy into a unified biblical doctrine, a systematic and complete biblical offers a comprehensive and accessible study for anyone interested in the important subject of biblical prophecy." A strong presentation of Premillenialism.


Reviving the Blessed Hope £5.00  Andrew Ray & Douglas Stauffer, LTB Publications, 2016, 176 pp., paperback.

                       Reviving blessed hope

                   "The question for all ages: Does the Bible conclusively prove that God will Rapture the Church before, during, or after Daniel's Seventieth Week, commonly referred to as the Tribulation period?  ...Dr. Stauffer and Dr. Ray methodically, systematically and scripturally consider many of the end times' details concerning the timing of the Rapture. This precise commentary on the prophetic events of First and Second Thessalonians provides definitive and undeniable proofs showing that the scripture holds the answer when freed from private interpretation."


Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation? £9.00 D. Stauffer et al. 2013, 144pp., paperback.

 Church tribulation

"In this book several authors have considered seoarate but relative sections of both the Old and New Testaments, to see if the church will be in this coming time of famine, death and sorrow. The coming tribulation will witness the rise of a world dictator who will have the authority and power to demand that everyone in the world take his mark and worship him as God. Those who do not will be executed.