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Some Christians get very uptight, I have observed over the years, if preachers mention any political issues. It is certainly true that we have something much more wonderful to preach than the depressing shenanigans of politicians, whether foreign or domestic. 

I think, however, within prayerful guidelines, the mention at times of political circumstances can be for the glory of God.

Throughout the Old Testament we are often given lessons concerning God's ways by his treatment not only of Israel but many surrounding Gentile nations. Is that not a political view? We frequently draw lessons from individuals for our personal benefit. Should we not also draw lessons from the LORD's dealings with nations to inform our prayers 'for kings and for those in authority.'

I was struck recently when reminded that the Book of Esther nowhere mentions God, yet he was evidently and wonderfully working behind the scenes in that history. If that is so, can it be wrong, in the light of scripture teaching to make observations about what we believe we see the LORD doing among the nations today? Would not the LORD be glorified by that?

I will give an example.

It is not receiving any publicity in the main stream media but the British military is being integrated with the EU. In effect this amounts to the destruction of any British unilateral military capability. A nation without an army ceases to be a nation. So the talk of Brexit is cosmetic. It is only for the consumption of a gullible and unsuspecting public. 

Some political commentators are understandably greatly troubled by this, but I believe I see the hand of the LORD in it.

Over recent decades, Britain, along with the US, has been using her military capably to interfere in the affairs of other nations such as Iraq, Libya and Syria. I believe we have done far more harm than good. This being so, I believe God is taking away our military because we have abused it.






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