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This is a request for prayer support for the open air work we carry on out of Dudley Gospel Hall, Dudley, West Midlands, England.

Most Sunday afternoons, after our morning meeting, two or three of us go into Dudley Town Centre to witness. Although Dudley seems as biblically ignorant as most town or city centres, the people are far from hostile. When we are passing out tracts as many as seven or eight out of ten are taken.

Having myself been doing street work for around forty years, I tend to use a small variety of tracts. The Lord Jesus said, "The sower soweth the word." I have nothing else to sow. The tracts we use most frequently are printed by the Trinitarian Bible Society and are strictly KJV 1611. We also use the excellent tracts written by Dr. Jack Moorman, an American Baptist pastor currently ministering in London. We pass out these tracts, speak to those who are willing to stop and talk, and read aloud and preach from the word of God.

We do not offer any carnal forms of entertainment. I cannot speak always for those who work with me but I do not go out primarily to invite people to church, I go to invite them to Christ.

I have learned over the years that evangelism is impossible without the power of the Holy Ghost. It is for this that I covet the prayers of God's saints. Pray that God will graciously add his blessing to the literature and that he will give compassion, skill and when necessary, sharpness, in our speaking or preaching the word of God.

The coming of the Lord Jesus, if the level of moral corruption be any indicator, must be drawing very near. Pray that we will not be distracted from our most necessary task of soul winning by too much attention to national and international political developments. Personally, I need the Lord to keep upon my heart the truth that the destiny of souls if of greater importance to him than the destiny of nations.

The Muslims whom we speak to keep repeating the mantra, "The Bible is corrupt." Sean Collins, who is usually with me, gets this all of the time. Pray specially for him as he has only been saved recently and is sometimes in over his head, but nevertheless continues keen to witness.

If you do pray for us, I would love to hear from you. 

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