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"But now they that are younger than I have me in derision, whose fathers I would have disdained to have set with the dogs of my flock." Job 30:1.

According to the millenials appearing in many YouTube videos it is old people who have ruined their future by voting to leave the EU. If the stats are correct, bearing in mind the same stats predicted a win for Remain, the increase in age group directly correlates with the increase in Leave votes.

So it is not just old people, as the millenials like to say, but increasingly everyone who is older than they are. Therefore, there was a higher percentage of Leave voters among say 25-35 year olds. Are they old people? Furthermore, there was a still higher Leave vote among say 40-50 year olds.

You get the picture. If the poll stats are correct, with increase in years comes an increase in Leave votes. This raises a question for Millenials. Do people get progressively more stupid as they pass the 24 year marker? Can it be that across the entire nation, the older a person becomes the more stupid they become? Does increasing life experience, travel and education work backwards, so that all these things make us more stupid?

If Millenials believe this why do they go to college to listen to lecturers who are older than they are? Why don't they enrol themselves in a nursery where they can learn from five year olds because they are younger than themselves? Ridiculous they say, but at what age do we buck the trend? At what age does getting older make our wisdom go into reverse?

Furthermore, not only the millenials but numerous BBC spokespersons and interviewees have said that it was the less educated that voted Leave. Presumably, they make this assertion because all of the major University cities such as Oxford, Cambrige, Edinburgh and Glasgow voted Remain. According to the Full Fact web-site, British Universities receive an additional 15% funding from the EU above sums from the British government. I can not vouch for the reliability of the Full Fact site. The figure could really be more or less. Does it really seem likely that those funds come with no strings? There is no such thing as a free lunch! No doubt the Universities must encourage a pro-EU mentality, subtlely if necessary, if they wish these funds to continue. If this seems far-fetched remember that the Bible says, " The rich ruleth over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender." Prov. 22:7.


When the Rockefeller Education Foundation was set up, the funds came with stacks of educational guidelines designed to encourage totalitarianism. The same was true of the Carnegie Foundation which was set up in cahoots with the Rockefeller education scam in the early 1900s.The IMF do the same thing with national governments. The loans come with conditiionalities. Barry R. Smith on YouTube will explain these conditionalities.

 Then there are the Jean Monnet Professorships and University chairs. These are university lecturers who are paid specifically to 'big-up' the EU. A casual perusal of the internet revealed the following universities have Monnet Professors. Essex, Liverpool, London, Sussex, Bristol, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Loughborough and Warwick.  There may be more, but these popped up after the briefest research. For details of the extent and cost of the EU propaganda visit

I was told recently by a lecturer from a leading English university that the university policy was to Remain in the EU. It would, of course, be illegal for the university in question to insist that its staff and students vote Remain, but this lecturer made it clear to me that the university's position was clear somehow to the staff. The lecturer I spoke to said that the atmosphere in her university was so bad after the Brexit vote that she stayed in her office all day.

This love of money must be taken into consideration when considering university attitudes to the EU. 

Finally, as the comment boxes on most pro-remain videos abundantly testify, there is plenty of cold, hard rationalism on the Leave side. In relation to which, here is a little exercise you can try for yourself. Compare at random say 5 pro-Leave videos on YouTube with 5 pro-Remain videos, or as many as you like. You will find a much higher percentage of dislikes on a pro-Remain clip (of the overall likes and dislikes on each particular video) than dislikes on a pro-Leave clip. Suck it and see!



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