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I just want to set down a few thoughts here about physical books. This article will probably grow with the passing of time.

What, first of all, do I mean by 'physical books'? Quite simply, books that you can hold in your hand composed of paper and ink as opposed to the digital variety that can only be read by a digital device. Bookshops have been closing all over the country for some time now and the government is quietly closing down libraries. 

One of my principal concerns about the slow demise of physical books, as they are replaced by ebooks, is the ease with which a totalitarian government can change information. 1984 by George Orwell was certainly prescient. The main character, Winston Smith is employed at the Ministry of Truth to change the content of old newspapers. Whatever government documents are on line today they can alter tommorrow, if they so choose, and we will be none the wiser if we have not made a hard copy. This is true of all ebooks, even on important subjects. Serious health issues, for example, upon which someone might have written a new and helpful book, can be jiggled with far more easily than hard copy. This is partly why I am a bookseller and I sell physical books. I want people to have access to stable material, that no-one can change by computer strokes to dispense with truth, whether Biblical truths or otherwise.

The latest Youtube lunacy, for example, The Mandela Effect, claims that the CERN project in Switzerland facilitates time travel. Through this new ability to time travel, they allege, someone has gone back in time and changed passages in the Bible, especially the King James Bible.  The real problem is not CERN and time travel, it is the contemporary ability of online Bible publishers or hackers to mess with your Bible today. Get yourself a hard copy KJV and keep it!

See my Links page for Mike Hoggard's excellent debunking ot this Mandela Madness. 

Colin Tyler.


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